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Kia Ora, I'm Emma

I was born in London to a white Mother whose ancestors date back centuries in the city and a black Jamaican Father who immigrated to London at 22. My ancestors were African slaves taken from the West coast of Africa by the British to work sugar cane plantations. Because of my whakapapa (geneology) and the fact that my parents entered open and honest social justice discourse with me growing up, I am and have always been incredibly passionate about anti-racism and supporting people to understand, integrate and heal from the effects of colonisation and racism. 

As well as London, UK, I have lived in Spain, The Netherlands, Australia and now Aotearoa. I live in Takaka, Mōhua (Golden Bay) te waipounamu (South Island) with my husband and two children, boys aged 4 and 8. 

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for 17 years and have taught in 5 different countries whilst traveling around the globe. I have studied yoga with some of the world’s most renowned teachers, have taken multiple teacher trainings and have assisted Sarah Powers who is known as the Queen of Yin Yoga. I teach yoga with a deep reverence for its roots from African and Indian people. I teach yoga with an inclusive approach so that it can benefit all regardless of race, gender, physical challenges and experience. 

Yoga, meditation and breath-work supported me through two pregnancies, two births (one at home) and the continued conscious parenting of my two energetic boys. 

I work for Kimberly Ann Johnson facilitating an affiliate group for women of colour on her Jaguar courses that deal with somatic approaches to trauma and motherhood. Kimberly's work has taught me how to understand and regulate the nervous system. 

Being a Mother has been one of the most revealing, exciting and challenging journeys of my life. Raising my boys on the other side of the world from my parents has been the biggest challenge. I have been blessed with a supportive community of wise and geographically close Mamas who I draw from for support and advise regularly. Community during Motherhood is vital which is why I have created COMUMMITY, so that even at this time of great challenge through the global pandemic, Mamas everywhere can draw on the support they need and be reminded of how vital they are. 

About Emma: About Me
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