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Understand and regulate your nervous system, gain support for your mothering journey, fall in love with your authentic self and become the mother you truly want to be. 

COMMUMITY is an online safe space for mamas to be supported on their motherhood journey. 

As well as the helpful Facebook Group we offer a signature 4-week online course that offers a safe and nurturing container for you to learn skills that support your mothering. 

Our debut 4-week program begins on May 4th 2021. 

This is the debut offering of our signature program and we are offering it to all Mamas at the bargain price of $39 nzd. This test run will help us to check our systems and get valuable feedback to make sure we are delivering a great service and meeting your needs. 

We will not be offering the program again at this price. Once we have perfected the program our prices will increase to $147 nzd and $97 for Māori Mamas. 

How does it work?

We meet twice a week on ZOOM for live sessions. 
Each session is recorded and posted the following day for those that cannot make it live. 

Sessions last between 1 and 1.25 hours. 

The program is supported by a private, safe, online community where we can get to know one another and offer support outside of the session times. 

Sessions include:

  • A beautiful and mindful opening ceremony

  • Understanding your nervous system and its fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses

  • Nervous system regulation tips

  • Understanding how trauma, including birth trauma, can live in your body and effect your nervous system

  • Yoga and relaxation designed for Mamas

  • Mama Mindfulness Meditations

  • Breathwork techniques designed for Mamas

  • Womb Medicine 

  • Guest speakers

  • A beautiful and mindful closing ceremony

This program is for you if:

  • You feel frazzled and fatigued

  • You suffer from anxiety

  • You suffer from chronic stress

  • You feel Mum guilt on a regular basis

  • You are feeling dissatisfied with your post-partum body

  • You suffered birth trauma

  • You have had a loss of identity since childbirth

  • You have had an onset of health issues since birthing

  • You crave connection with other Mamas

  • You want to be seen and celebrated for all you are as a Mama

holarship winners on our Facebook page and by email by April 27th. 

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